Cyber Security Pavilion

The logistics sector is always in motion, literally and figuratively. Standing still is never an option. Unfortunately, criminals keep innovating and developing their methods too. Cybercrime continues to pose a constant threat to logistics service providers and affects large, medium and small companies.

Are you future-proof? Visit the Cyber Security Pavilion and increase your organisation’s cyber security.


The digital highway and the race against cybercrime
On 8 November at 11.45 AM, we welcome Dimitri van Zantvliet, Director of Cyber Security at NS, the Dutch Railways, to the Logistics Arena (main stage). He will give an enthusiastic keynote about the revolutionary changes within the transport and logistics sector thanks to increasing digitisation. Explore the complex world of cyber threats, from ransomware to targeted attacks, and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain a clear and insightful perspective on one of the most pressing issues in the transportation and logistics industry.

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Cyber Security Pavilion exhibitors

One point of contact for all ICT services. Bizway provides all manner of ICT services. No more need to have a long list of telephone numbers, but one point of contact for all your ICT services. We advise, install and maintain your entire IT environment, and help you think about the future.

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Zolder provides digital protection for the technology of the future. To develop and research new digital security solutions, Zolder works with a team of professional hackers, experienced security researchers, software developers and security consultants.

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LANCOM Systems is the leading European manufacturer of secure, reliable and future-proof networking (WAN, LAN, WLAN) and firewall solutions for the public and private sectors. The company combines hardware business with virtual network components and Cloud-based software-defined networking (SDN). The result is a unique portfolio of on-premises and Cloud solutions with a central platform for SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN & SD-Security.

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We have been providing customers with high-quality PSIM software for thirty years. Our goal is to do more than simple deliver our PSIM solution to companies that want to improve their safety and security processes. We want to ensure that companies can respond quickly and effectively to all kinds of threats. Together with our customers, we constantly work on making tomorrow even safer.

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Cyber Security: starting tomorrow is too late

You transport your goods from A to B, deliver them within the agreed time slot and at a good rate. The competition is huge. There is a good chance that you are already making great strides in digitisation and automation. However, these new technologies also entail risks, because of the interdependency of the chains within transport and logistics. A disruption in one link can have major consequences for the rest of the chain. What would happen if your planning or inventory system is down due to a malware attack? Or if you are not operational for an hour, or even an entire day? You also want to guarantee the safety of your drivers. This means that you already have your physical security in order, but what about digital security?

The impact of a cyber attack

Research shows that cybercrime is the biggest threat to business continuity. Yet, there is a good chance that you are not fully aware of the dangers. In the past two years, cyber attacks have increased in number and complexity. Other links in the chain often suffer when a DC comes to a standstill. Think of supermarkets not being supplied or delays in construction projects. These attacks often involve ransomware or hostage software. This works as follows: cyber criminals hold data or IT systems hostage, extract data from these systems, and then encrypt them to block access, until the requested ransom has been paid. On the