The Logistics Debate

In collaboration with VLM

When: Wednesday 8 November
Where: Logistics Arena
Time: 2.00-4.00 PM


Today’s complexities create an increasingly challenging playing field for the logistics sector. Customers want more and more convenience and speed, while the availability of goods is no longer a given. Margins are under pressure due to rising costs and accelerated wage developments. Is digitisation the solution and if so, how? Can you match supply and demand with data or are there any other factors that have to be taken into consideration? The world is demanding climate neutral business operations, but is that feasible? How do we find the right people and/or is automation the solution?

Moderated by Diana Vink (Interim Project Manager | Guidance | LOGIMPRO), various stakeholders will discuss how the sector can make itself fit for the future based on three themes.

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Theme 1: The Netherlands from gateway to logistics hub: what’s next?

A silent revolution is taking place when it comes to the position of the Netherlands as the logistics service provider. After 5 years, the Netherlands is back in the Top-5 of the Logistics Performance Index. However, the limited availability of both floor space, staff and infrastructure is starting to become a problem. How is the sector planning to ensure that we continue to rank among the absolute top?

With: Machiel Bode (Sector Banker Transport, Logistics & Mobility | ING), Christa Baas (Logistics Realtor | Province of Overijssel), Oliver Rebollo (Business Development Manager |, Cees Pille (Cluster Manager Logistics | TLN)

Theme 2: Tech as success factor in e-commerce logistics

The growth of e-commerce presents complex logistical challenges. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow without shipping costs. Returns free of charge. Stock management and small margins. All this requires innovative solutions and smart stock management. How can the latest tech solutions help?

With: Joke Vink-Goudriaan (CIO/CTO | Homefashion Group BV), Roland Slegers (CEO | Deliverymatch), Jan Kraaijeveld (Sales Director | Slimstock)

Theme 3: Human capital: new times, new skills

New technology-based ways of working, making use of digitisation, robotisation and automation, will radically change the logistic professional field in the future. This requires different skills from employees. The logistics sector needs agile professionals with the right knowledge and expertise. They are the key factor to an innovative and competitive sector. How are we going to train, recruit and retain those employees?

With: Yolande de Heus (Program Manager Human Capital | Topsector Logistiek), Girbien de Bruin (Director of Industry & Logistics | Tempo-Team), Mark Tamis (Knowledge Centre Logistics & Defence)