Theme for 2023: Fit for the future

How do we keep our logistics operations up and running? Not just now, but also in the future?


In transport and logistics, we have one mission: to ensure the right goods end up in the right place at the right time. This is now more difficult than ever before. The right goods are no longer always available, the customer would like to have them today, and everything also has to be done quickly and efficiently, without causing nuisance and/or emissions. And as if our mission wasn’t difficult enough as it is, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable staff.

How do we fulfil our mission?

The trade show ICT&Logistiek offers solutions to continue to fulfil our mission. Thanks to automation and robotisation, we can do more work in less time with fewer people. Digitisation allows us to respond more quickly to disruptions and prevent delivery problems. Data-driven logistics enables us to make business operations more sustainable and reduce emissions. Through chain cooperation we can provide our customers with better service and at the same time save costs.

Fit for the future

Given the current geopolitical, economic, and technological developments, no one can predict what the future in transport and logistics will look like. All we can do, is make our business operations more resilient, agile, and efficient. In short: Fit for the future. At ICT&Logistiek, you can find the inspiration and information you need to make plans and find concrete solutions to the issues of today and tomorrow.

Thema’s ICT&Logistiek 2023


Process automation makes it possible to process more orders in less time with fewer people. Which form of automation is suitable for your operation? Are you going to opt for a lightning-fast shuttle system or does a miniload system offer sufficient storage and order picking capacity? Is it better to opt for a semi-automatic order picking system based on conveyor and pick-to-light technology? Or a combination of batch picking and an automatic sorting system?

At ICT&Logistiek, various providers will show what is required to integrate and manage these solutions.

Data-driven logistics

What tools are available to collect, consolidate, analyse, and visualise data? How do we translate the resulting insights into concrete actions? And how can we measure whether we have achieved our objectives with those actions? What dashboards can we build with self-service business intelligence? And what are the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

One thing is clear: data-driven logistics leads to better decisions and therefore better results.


We now have the technology to digitise the processes in transport and logistics. From barcode scanners on the warehouse floor to on-board computers in the truck. From software robots for automating repetitive jobs to artificial intelligence for automating complete decision-making processes.

Digitisation saves you money and time, and has more positive effects. Work becomes more interesting and challenging, because your employees have more time for tasks that actually matter. Discover these digital tools at ICT&Logistiek.


Governments at various levels are working hard on legislation to enforce more sustainable business practices, varying from the European CSRD to the Dutch bill on International CSR that is currently in preparation. And if it’s not the governments that demand sustainability business operations, it’s the customers. Unnecessary CO2 emissions will cost more and more money and turnover in the future.

Fortunately, making transport and logistics more sustainable often goes hand in hand with cost savings. At ICT&Logistiek, you will find useful advice, practical tips, and concrete solutions.

Chain collaboration

The COVID-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine have shown how vulnerable our logistics chains are to disruptions elsewhere in the chain. We can only make our chains resilient and agile if we work more closely with chain partners. When we share information together, plan and come up with solutions for problems in the chain.

ICT&Logistiek is an event where you can strengthen your knowledge in the field of supply chain management. And where you will find the tools to shape, plan and execute your supply chain management ideas.


Do you need extra warehouse capacity? Do you want to be less dependent on the tight job market? Or are you looking for a quick solution that doesn’t require you to rebuild your entire warehouse? Robots provide the answer to all these questions. Think of autonomous mobile robots that independently find their way around the warehouse. Or robot arms that pick the right items and place them in shipping boxes.

Developments in the field of robotics are moving at lightning speed. The market offers a wide range of robots that can be put into operation quickly without major investments.