Theme 2018

Theme 2018: "Connected Logistics"

Supply chains are designed to make sure goods flow efficiently and effectively. Seen that way, ‘Connected Logistics’ is actually not new. But at the same time, it is actually new. Because the ongoing digital transformation offers unprecedented opportunities to make and optimize the necessary connections between suppliers, buyers, people and systems. ‘Connected Logistics’ gives the right tools and applications. Data lead to insights, can accelerate processes, optimize supply chains and generate new models.

Learn from the best
ICT & Logsitiek 2018 is the unique marketplace offering a highly valued programme with thought leaders and best prcatices. Our speakers will certainly inspire and educate visitors. Among others, the following subthemes give substance to the idea of 'Connected Logistics': Big Data & Analtycs, Sales & Operations Planning, Transport & Distributions, Warehouse Automation and Supply Chain Management.


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