wo 7 november | 11:00 - 11:30
Theater 1 - Transport & Distributie

Connecting Route Optimisation with IoT, Big Data and Analytics

We hear about IoT, Big Data and machine learning all the time. But are we really there - is my company really ready to use these techniques?
Companies that operate with physical assets like trucks, containers, machinery and hands-on people, are facing a substantial noise in all their data. Advanced data analytics will therefore end up being 90 % data cleaning and 10 % analytics (and 1 % action?).
In my presentation I will go over examples of real life data challenges from transportation, forecast and master data and show examples on how we are addressing these by using Intelligent Route Optimisation, advanced GPS analytics, simple statistics and visualization techniques to move the needle.
Big data & analytics
Transport & distributie
Supply chain management
Sune Vang-Pedersen
Sune Vang-Pedersen
Technology Director Intelligent Optimisation, AMCS
Sune has led the development of the AMCS Routing Products for more than 15 year. He has introduced thorough and robust design routines and insured that techniques like automated testing, continuous build and delivery has been implemented. Sune currently manages both a development team and a product team. The product team continuously strives to be on the forefront of innovation within algorithms and data analytics - at the same time insuring that product are moved from lab and minimum viable solutions through early adapters to production within the broader customer portfolio.