wo 29 november | 10:15 - 10:45
Theater 3: ICT & Logistiek Business Cases

Connecting supply chains with the TransFollow e-CMR

Paperless transport, always and everywhere will be the keynote address for the contribution of Hans today. Imagine what we can achieve if paper no longer becomes the carrier of information or the proof of delivery? How much efficiency increase can be realized, but furthermore, what other contributions could paperless transportation possibly realize? Not only a tool for shippers, carriers and consignees but it can also effectively contribute to law enforcement efforts and other tooling. Learn more about the latest innovations in digitalization like block chains and smart contracts. The TransFollow eCMR platform is more than just a digital waybill!
Sales & Operation Planning
Hans Lip - International sales & marketing manager, TransFollow b.v.
Hans has worked as independent consultant for many years in various countries. The expertise of Hans is on sales, commerce, transport and logistics. Hans thinks in systems and interconnectivity between platforms. Hans holds a bachelor's degree in logistics engineering, a master in logistics management and a master in transport and logistics. Most recently Hans dedicated himself to contributing to the elimination of paper in transport via state-of-art innovative digital exchange platforms.